A Message from Our Publisher

A Message from Our Publisher

With gratitude to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), we launch the first online edition of InsuredR, the theme being “Past, Present & Future of Insurance in UAE”.

My journey from an insurer to a publisher has come a long way. I have witnessed the growth and transformation of an economy from sand and blocks to landmark commercial skyscrapers and the advent of Artificial Intelligence. Yet, the culture and spirit of the UAE leaders and citizens remain genuine.

Past to present: Insurance in the UAE is a witness to the growth of the country’s economy, from hull and rigs to health and wealth. Market growth, horizontal and vertical expansion of its city were the opportunities of insurers to expand, increase, and develop their protection offerings for both individuals and corporates.

From providing insurance coverage to a high-rise building that’s under construction for a tower, insurers started providing protection to sites and “mega” sites of communities being developed during 2 to 3 years. The country’s infrastructure allowed re-insurers to provide insurers with the necessary support and coverage.

Present to future: Insurance in the UAE is witnessing the persistence of the country’s economic growth, from health and wealth to space and technology. This year’s 48th National Day of the UAE will always remain etched in our hearts as the celebrations coincide with the despatch of the first Emirati astronaut to space; insurance witnessed and protected this giant step by providing coverage for that.

Yet to come, the correlation between insurance and technology, to the extent that online market “e-service” is getting insurers’ attention and investment. That is a future we will witness along with our readers and contributors.


“Yet to come and more to witness.”

Elie Habib

Founder/General Manager, FPH Publishing

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