I woke up after a long rainy night to find my area flooded, and my car covered with water. Although it was difficult to pull the car out due to the flood surrounding my parking area, the towing car was able to take the car to the workshop.

I received a call from the workshop telling me that they would evaluate the damages and send me a report, including the cost of repair. Two days later, I received a report of AED25,000 saying that the engine and some electronics had been damaged and would need to be replaced. The price was too much for me to pay, so I took the car out from the workshop and parked it at my place until I’d decide what to do.

A few months later, I received a call from my insurance company asking if I would like to renew the insurance for my car. I then explained the reasons why there was no point of renewing until I decide to fix the car or sell it as it is.

The agent from the motor insurance department didn’t say much, but I knew he had spoken with the relationship manager in charge of my account and shared with him about my situation.

In less than an hour’s time, my relationship manager called and requested that I sent him the report from the car workshop, along with a police report confirming that the damage was due to flood. From my understanding (also based on friends’ experiences), the insurance company would not cover such incidents. But I proceeded to send him the reports anyway. My relationship manager called me the next day, informing me that a towing car would be taking my car to the workshop, have it repaired and that I will pay the deductible of AED500, according to my contract.

He further explained, “Firstly, you should have called me when you sent the car to the workshop to inform me about what had happened. Even if you knew through your friends that this type of incidents might not be covered, you should check with me first. This is because you are dealing with a reputable insurance company that took a decision last year to cover such incidents considering long-term relationship with customers, and as an act of goodwill against such claims.”

How could I not be relieved? Eventually, I received my car (after a few months) and all I had to pay was the AED500 deductible!

~ Raykan Al Ameri*

*While their stories are true, client names may have been changed to protect their privacy.