Why the Resistance Against Insurance?

Why the Resistance Against Insurance?

Insurance is a need that individuals and companies must have in order to minimise their financial risks. Unfortunately, many generations have undergone bad experiences and faced misrepresentations when it comes to insurance. This, in turn, creates a trend of resistance against insurance, so much so that the word “insurance” is regarded as mis-selling.

Whose fault is it?

Everyone’s. Most of the time, we rely on trust and commitment of insurers to explain the conditions to us before we decide to buy the policy. Initially, we resist buying the policy immediately; instead, we ask questions about the cover, the exclusions and the premium (or fees). Sometimes, we ask many questions related to the different type of policies being presented, but ended up getting confused and mixed up. Eventually, we agree to buy the policy (most of the times, without reading). Later on, however, we start questioning again, especially when we would like to collect a claim or when we are in need of an insurance. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, then everyone ought to be blamed for the resistance towards insurance, yes?


The technical words and the insurance lingo make the documents hard to read and understand. Insurers need to ensure that their agents are professional and trustworthy enough to explain.


Accept to pay and be covered on the basis of insurer agents explaining the cover and conditions. Therefore, the insured should read the documents and any clarification needed should be made clear in an email.

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